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Technical scope

Renewable power generation technologies


  • Turbine and system design including wake effects
  • Floating wind turbines
  • Offshore assets and systems
  • Condition monitoring, operations, maintenance and control
  • Power conversion and grid interaction

Solar PV

  • PV system design - including integration
  • Power conversion and grid interaction
  • Condition monitoring, operations, maintenance and control

Thermal power plant

  • Geothermal
  • Biomass/biofuel
  • Low-carbon/alternative fuels (eFuels, hydrogen, biomass, biofuels, CCUS)
  • Solar thermal

Other renewables

  • Wave
  • Tidal
  • Hydropower

Future power systems and network operation

Network planning and technologies

  • Long-term infrastructure planning and investment
  • Grid-forming inverters
  • HVDC for renewable power integration
  • DC/DC conversion and DC distribution systems
  • Alternative transmission systems - low-frequency, GIL, etc.

Network operation

  • Low inertial power system operation, management and planning
  • Power quality
  • Generator protection and resilience
  • Compliance with system security and quality standards
  • Operation, management and planning of power system with low grid strength
  • Dynamic management and optimisation of networks


  • IT, automation and control
  • Cyber and system security
  • Asset & IT interoperability
  • Automation scalability

Power demand and storage

Demand flexibility

  • Demand side management
  • Demand response
  • Power-to-X
  • Consumer behaviours

Load forecasting

  • Electrification rate modelling
  • Intra-day forecasting
  • Long-term forecasting

Energy storage

  • Grid-scale storage and network planning
  • System balancing - technology suitability
  • Connection process
  • Vehicle-to-grid charging

Policy, market design and consumers

  • Role of the Future System Operator
  • Future grid code requirements - compliance and assessment
  • Economic, social and environmental policy
  • Supply chain assessment
  • New energy market design and operation - incl. Ancillary service markets
  • Investment, funding and finance
  • Social acceptance & permitting